enough for one day

Almost five month since I came back home I thought about going back to Sri Lanka, considering that i have a lot of time until I start my studies in fall. I really enjoyed the time over there and would like to continue the work I have already started.

No sooner said than done.

On Wednesday I was brought to the train station in Karlsruhe by Samuel Degen and then continued my journey from there to Frankfurt Airport. Luckily my mother and my grandma were supporting me, especially in a physical way, because my suitcase and my carry on luggage had 6kg overweight. So some of my things had to stay in Germany while others was just put back into the bag after the check in. With a delay of half an hour the half occupied Airbus A 380 set off to Dubai.

flight to Colombo (just picture with the phone)

Half an hour that would cause a lot of trouble. Next to being delayed, the plain also had to circle over the sea after there was no instant landing permit. When I finally stepped on the ground my contacting flight was already gone. While waiting for the next one, three hours later, I realised that I wasn’t the only one who had missed the flight. Sitting there I saw several people from my first flight. Luckily i managed to contact my pickup committee and inform them about my delay. They had to wait half a day at the airport.

It might had been caused by my, lets call it artistic handwriting that the registered birthdate on my visa was 1977. The obvious problem was quickly solved by the supervisor, but afterward the officer couldn’t find my visa in the system anymore. However, after going back to the supervisor and filling out some of the minor paperwork that got lost in the process everything was finally settled. After all this trouble there was one good thing. I didnt have to wait for my luggage.

To my surprise, I wasn’t picked up by the reverent, but by Gayan, Nadun, Govindi and the two secretaries Tesheema and Kanthis. This was a highlight after all this trouble with the authorities. Of course I couldn’t hide my few extra kg from my friends , but i hope they will get less in the upcoming weeks.

After an almost one and a half hour drive on the highway with an intermediate stop for dinner, I reached my place. After 25 hours i finally arrived at the small guest house, where I am staying this time. Quite shattered i went straight to bed.

Lets hope that the next weeks become easier.

Yours Felix

P.S. This time I got a small assistant for my classes

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