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Unfortunately, I had to change my plans for the lesson at Saturday, because I couldn´t use the multimedia system with the projector through to a power cut at the temple. Therefore, the students had to come to terms with my, sometimes unreadable, handwriting. However, it worked out perfectly fine :D.


The Sunday was a little bit crashed. The rain season has started two weeks ago, that meant constant rain during the nights and frequent rain showers during the day. This Sunday, however, was an extreme. As you can see in the picture, the sports ground had turned into a lake.

On Monday, it got a little stressful. After we have been to the centre at the temple in the morning, we went to Tissa, which is close to Katharagama, to a memorial service. Compared to the two previous ones I had attended, this one was a lot bigger. The two-hour trip back turned out to be quite intimate with ten people in the van.

Next to that the preparations for the celebration of the full moon are going on full blast. I am very excited to attend the festivities of this event, which I already had been able to witness in Colombo a month ago. I can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

Till next time


Yours Felix


P.S. Careful readers may have already noticed that I started writing my blog entries in English. I want to give my new friends around here the possibility to read my blog without using an internet translator, which, as we all know, are not really reliable.

Before publishing I get them checked to cut out major mistakes. Because of that they appear belatedly. At this point I would like to thank my aunt and my cousin, which have voluntarily agreed to read them over.

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